We ‘’StarTurn India’’ having a wide range of products in our unique Packaging segment consists of different machines for our privilege customers to satisfy their complete needs having diversified list which contains basically all the products that are requires to withstand in today’s Plastic world.

We work continually on our products in term of designs with the help of United Nations technology, European Collaboration and standards process of Unique Italian Concepts; we diversified our products as follows,

  1. Thermoforming Machines
    On behalf of special needs arise by customer and by proper optimizing their process, we design an unique concept for our customer so that all the requirements that he desires from the machines gets fulfilled, the concept used in designing such machines are very different and we give attentions to each and every parameter required for maintaining each and every specified standards.
    • Vacuum forming Machines
      The thermoforming machine is fed from a plastic roll. The film is heated in the heating module until it reaches the appropriate temperature depending on the types of plastic and then goes to the molding station, cutting and finally the pieces finishes in the vertical stacking station.
    • Pressure Forming Machines
      Pressure forming is used to produce more detailed pieces, it improves the initial cycle efficiency and gives the desirable quality to the product, the process and stations are as similar as vacuum forming. The results are found to be best in such forming.
    • Vacuum Pressure Forming Machines
      This are the special machines consisting both the operations in a single machine. This machine are used for high volume, superior quality and smooth operations. This machines offers high range of services to product and delivers results in a very quick period of time. All these machines have nos of stations as per the requirement of the process.
    • Customized Forming Machines
      optimising their process, we design an unique concept for our customer so that all the requirements that he desires from the machines gets fulfilled, the concept used in designing such machines are very different and we give attentions to each and every parameter required for maintaining each and every specified standards.
  2. Blister Packaging Machines
    We are having huge portfolios for our classified and very special blister packing machines such as,
    • Retail Blister Packaging Machines
      A blister is type of packaging done in thermoformed clear plastic that is mostly used in the marketing of small consumer products. Its use has spread since the blister pack is relatively cheap and permits the stored product to be viewed,providing extra quality check.
    • Medical Blister Packaging Machines
      The medical blister is a container designed to contain all kinds of health related devices for subsequent sterilization. Its medical use requires that the safety in its manufacture be maximum
    • Carousel type Blister Packaging Machines
      In our portfolio Carousel type blister sealing machine are design for small and medium runs. Suitable to produce face seal blisters, trapped blisters (double cards) and blister to blister packs (double blister). The machine has been designed to run as a standalone sealing machine or in line with a forming machine
    • Customized Blister Packaging Machines
      We offer customized blister packing machines to our privilege customers by looking their needs and requirements of the process, so that we can deliver them machines with optimized quality, high volume, superior technology and best results.
  3. Pouch Packing Machines
    Pouch packing machines are the prime demand of today’s market, and in this field our technology means reliability and responsibility. Packing of solid, liquid, semi-solid and semi-liquid material in a form of laminated flexible plastic material is an art, we are expertise in giving our customers proper satisfaction and because of which we have no’s of portfolios in such machines, some of them are as follows;
    • Collar Type Pouch Packing Machines
    • Semi Automatic Pouch Packing Machines
    • Automatic Pouch Packing Machines
    • Filler Pouch packing Machines
    • Customised Pouch Packing Machines
  4. Carton Packaging Machines
    Carton is the very basic and important requirement of any manufacturing industries which have given packaging world a different terminology, we cannot think for any product to be delivered safely to our very esteemed and beloved customers without using carton packing as a part of the process. We have various designs, dimensions and standards used in such machines so we give our prime focus in manufacturing individual machines for our different customers, our expertise teams plays a very big role in manufacturing of such machines.
    • Customized Carton Packing Machines
  5. Plastic Sealing Machines
    The sealing machines are used to seal the product stored in the form of pouch, packets, bags and other plastic accessories, this machines are used to find in each scale of industries manufacturing products for their regular customers, we having bring highly automated sealing machines working for various applications, here are the machines on which we are working to give services to our beloved customers,
    • Continuous Band Sealer
    • Foot Sealer machines
    • Impulse Sealer Machines
    • Customized Sealing Machines
  6. Labeling Machines
    Labeling machines are designed to apply labels to a variety of products and packages, the multiple use of this machine have played an important role in packaging company, this machines are used to describe the actual details of the product through their applications, mediums used in this machines are widely increasing day by day, we are having no’s of machines to provide best deal to manufactures so that they can complete the requirement of any process easily, machines types are as follows;
    • Wet Glue Labeling Machines
    • Heat Seal Label Applicators
    • Print & Apply Label Applicators
    • Customized Labeling Machines
  7. Automatic Filling Machines
    The working principle of these machines are basically divided into many types depending upon the functions, operations and design of products, we have brought all these machines for fulfilling your demands with optimizing process at each stage and give high volume and accurate output to our customers so that they can withstand in market and fight with tough competition exist in the same field, all the models of the machines which we have brought for our customers are as follows
  8. Printing Machines
    These are the machines which reflects the originality and specialty of the product because of which we can find the exact details about the product, these type of machines are used to find in every medium of industries and looking after its importance we have found no’s of tie-up with different companies across the world to provide the finest machines to our privilege customers. We have huge portfolio in these product having no’s of machines having widest applications for completing all the needs and requirements of our esteemed customers, the diversified printing machines having excellent working are as follows;
    • Plastic Bag Printing Machines
    • Plastic pouch Printing Machines
    • Plastic Card Printing Machines
    • Plastic container Printing Machines
    • Plastic Film Printing Machines
    • Customized Plastic Printing Machines[\expand]
  9. Packing MachinesMachines having finest applications especially automatic, semi automatic, customized machines for the basic section of packing division we have the machine which can cover all your essential requirements and able to deliver you the best product we are also covering the machines as per special demand of our existing customers

These are the standard Machines in which our team is working on continuous factors to give our customers the best results and to make sure that their needs and requirements are fulfilled as well as our main motto In these Industries is to provide our customer a Taylor based Machines so that by using the technology and innovations with the help of our Diligent and expertise team we can give Finest and Pre-eminent process to our Beloved Customers.

In Taylor based Concept we only want our Privilege Customers to forecast their needs and just ask about what Class of Outputs and supreme results they want from us, we promise them to give the same process at the finest outcome by sharing all the outlines and make unpredictable machines for their products. We believe in Delivering Results.

Molds & Tools

The Specialty of StarTurn India is that we look after each and every single requirement of our customers and make our team to start accordingly as per their demands, for giving complete solution in terms of machines we stated our partners to make their standards to be all set in manufacturing the tools and molds for the machines. By having the huge team of designs engineers we started designing molds for our customers, and today the time has been arrived when we have collaborations with various molds manufacturers who supply their molds all around the world, by looking after your requirements we use to start working on the prime factor of the process and then decide that which profile will suit to your process taking cost concern as a major factor and on behalf of it we place orders for your molds and tools so that we can deliver you the best results and make you satisfied completely.

Plastics & Raw Materials

StarTurn India – Power the World is a company working for plastic packaging industries and our main motto is to provide our customers 100% solutions by looking their each and every stage of requirement and on the same hand by continuous insistence of our existing customers regarding the requirements in plastic material has help us in developing the suppliers all around the India, our networking partners has make the complete set up with plastic raw material manufacturers to supply  the materials in a short interval of demand, today we can provide plastic material in the form of sheet, films, rolls and specially in granules for example – PP, PE, PC, PS, PET, PVC, ABS, SAN, COC  and many other plastics, we have proper technical team who looks after your products, process and on behalf of proper research we give you the best material from our suppliers and manufactures across all over India. On behalf of special needs arise by customer and by proper.