An Industrial internet of things iot known as ‘’ Industry 4.0’’ is applied to the manufacturing industry to optimise and integrate the data of machining processes to enhance the capability of industrial workers and to manage the manufacturing process and deliver the results with more accuracy and in a smarter way. All of these technologies have brought a big revolution to Indian Industry because of which development in Innovations has brought Reliability to Market Leaders.

In today’s industry and most probably towards Heavy Industry has now demanded themselves to become Smart factory by adopting these technology which helps them to find Real Time Data and due to which they can measure their resources and get relaxed from maintaining big data and huge team to find the actual results, these inventions of fourth industrial revolution has brought dynamic change in the Productivity and has provided proper measures to scale the actual needs and requirement of potential orders stored in pipeline and make the company capable to complete all in Stipulated time.

These adoption has also helped the team of Supply Chain to maintain their prospective manufacturers and make them all handle easily for their future requirements, it has also bring a new version of change to the huge Technical team of industries as the application cover the process to its Micron and Macron level, the process make a inbuilt channel in which it keeps constant sight on the working element and when there is any error found during operation it automatically describe that on which function we have to perform the task to delete the malfunction and brings the process to its original state and the working module of this application works with Immediate effect.

Real TIme Monitoring
Real Time Monitoring of Machinery, through sampling variable from PLC propriety embedded system.
StarTurn India internally develops communication drivers for most of the world players, we work with: Fanuc (CNC and Robot), Siemens (CNC and PLC), Heidenhain , Mitsubishi (CNC and PLC), Omron , B&R , Allen Bradley .
Interconection 4.0
Management of real Interconnection of machinery in view of Industry 4.0, we take care of all the necessary point.
SYSTEM INTEGRATION We create interconnections by rigorously and firmly respecting all the requirements of the Industry 4.0 regulation , giving added value with the turnkey method.
Scheduling of prevention of maintenance plans with alert, reports and management of maintenance tickets from factory.
Organization of maintenance tasks, management of emergency maintenance. We use AI and Machine-Learning logics for predictive maintenance , thanks also to the use of auxiliary sensors.