Technology and Innovation is a tagline of very huge brands and highly competitive companies providing large ranges of product and services to their customers and completing all the demands of market as per requirements. The term innovation connected with technology has change the face of companies due to which the strategies and policies of existing company are getting changed as per requirements, looking after all these conditions and by doing vast researches in market practically and graphically we decided to start giving products, services and support to plastic industry, as we found that plastic is the recyclable process and can be used again & again for making comprehensive range of product and thus we started the company StarTurn India – Power The World having complete solution for packaging industry, as we were having the complete idea of requirements, technical methods for development, hardworking team, we took very short time to develop the company and now we are playing with big players in this industry. All of this was only possible by unique concept and dedicated passion towards their developing & promising company who make their target to give tough fight to high competitors and beat them by giving their best, there are two names behind all these terms and they are Mr Ankit Jangid & Mr Shubham Singh.

As we took our platform for plastic industry we started building our profile looking after that what can be best and what can be demand able in market after continuous changeovers so we started attaining customers and we saw that Injection moulding machine is Heart of Plastic Industries so vice-versa we implemented our concept and delivered our ideas to market for getting changed in Thermoforming machines which are relatively cheaper in process and their volumes are also quite much higher than IM Machine’s. After Thermoforming machine we saw that market is looking for such plastics in which their products are much safer and can be easily visualize so we developed our companies portfolio towards Blister Packing Machines. Thus by this two implementation we started providing complete solution for packaging market by making our categories more stronger in machines, best plastic materials, moulds and all other accessories by continue changing policy in design and standards so that we can make our company more focus towards their customers to make their own company a best qualitative and profitable business and beat their competitors easily and stand In this competent market proudly.

Coming towards more research & analysis we look forward towards our vision of innovation and we found that there could be much better option if we could replace plastic with Ecological pulp in various products like dinning ware, plastic trays, clamshell and laminated products as they have superior quality, durability and more features than normal plastic and speciality which is not avoidable that they are completely recyclable, step by step when we were moving towards our goal than we found that big players in this industry are looking for real time data and proper analysis for their process & products so we brought face changing technology which is called Industrial Internet of things (IIOT 4.0) and we give big revolution to those player who were actually in demand for this products.

Thus from this complete story of StarTurn India – Power The World we only want that for completing your all demands or for any new setup towards plastic industry please make sure to visit your own company StarTurn India because we are only aiming for your Reliability and which is our prime Responsibility


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